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Sevier Couny Family Link

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Blalock Families of Sevier and Middle Tennessee

Burketts of East Tennessee

Clyde Davenport's Sevier Co. Davenports and Williams

Ellis Families of Boyd's Creek

Fox Families of Sevier County

Gossett Family of Sevier and South Carolina

Gwin's of Crowson's Cove

Henderson Families of Sevier County

Keeler Family of Sevier Co. TN and Texas

Keener Families of Sevier, Knox and Beyond 

Wiley King and Margaret Adair King of Little Greenbrier Cove, Sevier County, Tennessee

Loveday Myers, Breeden and other Families of Sevier County

Loveday and other Families of Sevier County Family History Blog

Unidentified Photos of Sevier County By  Joyce (McElroy) Wicks

Rainwater, Lobwoser, Loposer all the same name

John Ramsey and Mary "Polly" McGaha Family

This site contains links to the following families of Sevier County TN Ingle, Clark, Paine, James, Hodges, Randles, Thurman, and Teague, and others.

Paula Franklin has a page with a lot of Sevier Co. Families Trotters and others..

Walker/Large/Susie Dickson Mcmahan/John Campbell/Rosa A. Green

Wayland and Christopher Family of Sevier Co.


D. Morton Rose, Jr. has placed on our pages his files with over 20.000 names of Boyd's Creek Families.

Bible Records

Bible records primarily consist of photocopies of original family registers found in Bibles. There also are typed transcripts and some compilations of Bible records


D. P. Boyer and wife Nammie Wood

John Brabson and wife Elizabeth Davis

N. B. Brock and wife M. R. Duggan

J. W. Brown and wife Lillie S Lewis

James E. Brown and wife Nora Ann Johnson

Burns and Wilson Families

Abijah W. Emert (Emmett) and wife Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann Cameron

William H. Housley

Jerry Johnson and wife Jane Monday

Richard Lanning and wife Jane M Moyers

Isaac Messer and wife Martha

David Newman and wife Nancy Ogle

Richard R Ragan (Reagan) and wife Sarah E Bradley

Margaret Elizabeth Reneau

Reuben Paine Sims and wife Mary Ann Abernathy

Enoch P Underwood and wife Susan M Pollard

Mary France Ogle (Haynes) Waters

James W Webb and wife Alice O. Robertson

Eli Loveday


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